Donna Carvalho

Intuitive Life Modifier

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Unity Balance Purpose Harmony

Discover Inner Peace

Discover personal fulfillment, balance, and happiness when you discover—and live up to—your life's true purpose.

I believe that we all have soulful desire to be something extraordinary and to leave an imprint on the global community. I also know we are human and need someone to reach out and guide us back to our path when we sometimes go off course.

Feeling “stuck” and not being able to reach our highest potential as spiritual beings can often leave us confused and lonesome, because we can't always relate to outside sources. I am here to provide you with tools to add into your tool belt, to be a spiritual being and know that mistakes are not mistakes at all but are lessons to learn and grow from.

I want to teach you how to start listening to your soul with your heart instead of your mind. I want to guide you on how to discover your own missing pieces to the puzzle.

It starts with an open heart and allowing yourself to find your teacher within.

Together we can achieve limitless possibilities.



I invite you to my inner Sanctum. This is a place that lies within where you can be free to experience spiritual peace and solace.

My job is to assist you along in your journey and aspire you to move forward by providing you with transformational guidance to excel to new heights. I believe we have limitless possibilities and if you can believe it then we can achieve it…