Donna Carvalho

Intuitive Life Modifier

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About Donna Carvalho


Donna Carvalho is an inspirational intuitive life modifier, one that assists in changing lives and empowering individuals to broaden their spiritual awareness and facilitate clients on a transformational journey to success. ‘Intuitive’ is defined as having a very profound knowing without a conscious reasoning, whereas ‘Life Modifier’ is someone that promotes assistance when someone is feeling in a “stuck” situation that has exhausted all resources. They can’t seem to find what is missing and they don’t understand what is going on but are looking to advance to the next phase of their lives; this is where Donna comes. She has the most unique way of combining spiritual guidance with healing abilities to get her clients to rebuild from the ground up. Donna has been known as a remarkable gifted being who shares her heart and soul with thousands of clients, but within the last several years her healing abilities have escalated into a higher state of consciousness that generates through her hands and energy field having the capabilities of reaching the mental and emotional state before it gets to the physical.

We have four states of being: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Spirituality is just a way of being, there is no set religion except to build your foundation of who you are on love and purity. As human beings we first experience the mental and emotional traumas of life and when those are not dealt with or just “swept” under the rug they become physical traumas to the body. Donna explains that the human body is our vessel, so in order to take care of our bodies we have to address and acknowledge our traumas and issues and then forgive ourselves. Once you can forgive yourself you can then allow yourself to release the burdens of built up emotions to be able to forgive others. Donna teaches all of her clients that the internal work requires commitment and that we must first go deep to go wide but as long as you are willing to put in the work the capabilities and possibilities to achieve greatness are limitless.


Donna has experienced visions since an early childhood. Having grandparents with the gift as well, she was able to have an understanding of the spiritual world at a young age. Born with the Gift of Wisdom, Insight, and Knowledge, she is able to see up the road to what lies ahead. She has accepted the Truth now, to what her purpose is in Life. She has three children and understands the pressures presented by family life. She has used her visions to change the lives of numerous clients around the world.

In 2003, Donna worked on the show Crossing Over with John Edward in Charlotte, North Carolina. She has also worked with celebrities, law enforcement officials, CEO's, radio personalities, and housewives. She has participated in Motivational/ Self-Help Conferences, workshops, along presenting her work at the yearly venue in the New York City area titled What Women Want. Up to date Donna has personally worked with 10,000 plus clients internationally. Her insights and advice have helped thousands of individuals. Her soul purpose is to help people who are willing to help themselves.

Being an intuitive, Donna receives her information by the three C’s: Clairvoyance (intuitive knowledge through vision), Clairaudience (intuitive knowledge through sound), and Clairsentience (intuitive knowledge through feeling). She receives information from higher spiritual realms. With her empathic abilities, she is able to pick up on your personal vibration. Your personal vibration is much like your 'energy fingerprint'. It provides her with unique information about you and the experiences around you. By seeing into your future, she can help create and rewrite a better future!

Being a Life Modifier is her passion. She can provide you with the tools you need to promote balance and harmony in your life. With her, you will learn to identify your Inner Guidance from false guidance, and carve out the pieces of your life that are no longer serving you.  Whether it is business, career, family, intimate relationships, finances, or personal satisfaction, Donna is an expert at motivating and inspiring clients to see the big picture, create a vision, overcome obstacles, and most importantly, define a realistic plan to begin living a life they love.

Donna is very excited for upcoming events shortly taking place. She is currently writing a book called, Conversations with The Soul, that will be published within the upcoming year. Her book contains her childhood experiences and life lessons that have made her into  the successful person she is today. Donna’s main goal is to open a “simplified” wellness retreat center. Whether it would be a couple hours a day to a month she wishes to provide a home for those who want to renew their love for life and love for themselves. She has many techniques that are individualized for each person working with her. Donna is a very extraordinary woman, who values her clients and serves them truthful and honest guided information. She loves her career path, and will continue to help people to follow their passion and live successful lives. Donna does not take credit for the healing and intuitive abilities she been blessed with, she acknowledges the fact that they come from spirit and utilizes them within the light of God and for the highest good of others.


I invite you to my inner Sanctum. This is a place that lies within me where you can be free to experience peace and solace.

Allow your true self to come forth, it exists in each and every one of us...You are only but a thought away...