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Hello all my friends, It has been a long hiatus for me, and I have missed you all very much. It has been an empty void feeling not being here assisting. I had taken time off due to some personal and physical reasons, however I am ready to be able to help once again here. Just drop me a message if you need some OF my assistance on your journey and I will schedule you for a session. I hope all of you have found some peace and solace on your journey since I have been gone. I wish you all the beauty of today in all of your souls. I am here to help you "heal" on your journey so you can become free and liberated from all your constraints that have held you in a "stuck" position. No more just plain sessions on questions about other people lets get to YOU and what has not allowed you to move forward and make those changes that you have needed for way to long now. I am a "Intuitive Life Modifier" meaning to show you how to use your tools to make the most of your life, to get to the core of your repetitive patterns and to walk the path of least resistance. In other words we need to go "wide" to go "deeper" within yourself. Love will come when you learn how to love yourself first and learn that no one will love you the way you deserve when you do this you will achieve everything that you have been desiring through your journey <3 Blessings and Love, Donna Carvalho
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There is sometimes in everyone's life that we (need) help, we need prayer. Yes, Prayer is always the answer to the "key" of allowing spirit to move through us and for us. Someone Dear to me needs prayer to get out of darkness and allow some growth to transpire and it is not easy to do, We do not always know we are "there" in the middle. We (think) we begin to blame, we hurt, we rebel, we point fingers, we need help and sometimes are in denial of the help we do need. I ASK WITH ALL: I ASK FOR STRONG ENERGY WORKERS TO WORK WITH ME, I WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU, WHEN YOU NEED ME AS WELL. THIS ONE IS NEEDED STRONGLY FOR THEY ARE OF LIGHT AND LOVE AND TRUTH IN THEIR SOUL. I BLESS AND SEND LOVE AND TRUTH, AND LIGHT OF ALL OF MY BEING TO YOU IN RETURN. I ASK the ARCH ANGELS, TO SURROUND THIS BLOG, I ASK FOR THE HIGHEST POWER TO WORK WITHIN ME AND YOU. GOD NEEDS US TO DO THIS TOGETHER, SO I REACH TO YOU FOR YOUR HELP. HEAR MY TRUTH, HEAR MY GRATEFULNESS, HERE MY HIGHER SELF. I NEED YOU and your deep heart felt prayers. The person is hurting badly and needs to be able to see the light again. They have been held for way to long in this space and are looking to be helped and to be shown the way on their journey. WE ALL HAVE BEEN THERE at ONE TIME OR ANOTHER in our own lives, AND THE MORE PRAYER THE POWERFUL THE INTERCESSION IS. I CALL ON ST.Anthony of miracles, I CALL ON ST. Michael, I CALL ON ST.Padre Pio, for Miraculous Miracles and strength.

Your Path, Your Change, Your Choice. Empower and live on the edge! To Create Change!

I want to start off by saying you are in charge of your life, no one else. You could put all your eggs/rocks in one basket and expect that's
"How" it will all turn out to be. Rely on simply what you’re being told and believe that is how it will turn out period! Or better you could disperse your eggs/rocks into different investments; yes your life is an investment. You invest in everything of your life. You do it IN your family, your careers, your relationships, your dreams, and goal ambitions, Have you been making unrealistic choices have you been in a brain fog? Guess what your ready to start this process today!

Take charge of your life and make those mistakes. However, use them as a way to "learn large", if you keep creating over and over again the same "mistakes" (we will call them that for now for the fun of it) than you my friend have not learned your lesson. You have decided to keep on that track of hurt, pain, and ultimately despair. Guess what, that is not all Bad, and your saying by now what the heck are you talking about Donna, Pain hurts, and I hate feeling lonely, I want more than living on "BREAD AND WATER". Until you get tired of being tired, until you ultimately are pushed to the edge, than you will start to acknowledge your inner work that you have been putting off. Your life starts to no longer have no direction; you now start to make realistic goals and dreams for yourself. You are making clear and concise decisions and are now ready to stop the madness.

No one likes to continue waiting around for someone else to make them happy. Do You? Happiness never waits to show up, it is always inside of you when you choose to connect. You have to get real with yourself and know you are worthy of love, happiness, wealth, health, just as soon as you get real with yourself and be true to what life you are wanting. I am not here to paint you your life, you are. No one can tell you how to live it or how to change it. However, I am here to encourage you as your inspirational coach and ask you the questions that you already have been asking just have not connected enough to know what to do with it. You say why am I at this point of no return right now, why do I feel I no longer can take this anymore, because you my friend are being pushed to make that change happen, pushed to the edge of change.

Would you make that change if you were, "sitting in so so land"? Would you do it if you were just content with okay to moderate living? No!! You are here right where you are now purposely to make that change to become insightful of what you have been not paying attention too. No more allowing someone to control my happiness is what you should be feeling! I am going to drive my own vehicle to my own destination. And you know what you can! I KNOW YOU CAN!! I am here to TO ASK YOU ALL THE WHYS OF LIFE? I am your Why gal!!!

1. Are you happy with where you are right now?

2.Do you want more out of your relationships or better yet- do you want to have one that is not just fair however, that is GREAT!

3.Why do you feel you need to have someone else draw your blue print?

4 Why do you feel you need someone to make you happy?

5 Why have you put yourself on the back burner?

6. Why are you still creating from your mind instead of your heart?

7. Why do you allow someone to take your own personal power?

8. Why do you live in reaction instead of take control of your life?

9. Why we tend to fail to act sooner than later?

10. Why we love people wo do not love us back the right way?


Have that love of your life, have that financial greatness, trust you deserve it now. Not tomorrow!! Today- your creator said what’s mine is yours. Let your past be your past and let it propel you forward out into living. Yes!! I am here to tell you to love you now! No one can love someone who does not love themselves first. You require some inner work we all do, don't waste another day on when is he/she calling or does he/she know I want to be with them still? Stop the madness and numbness and DO YOU!


Watch your life unfold and become in charge of you and stop letting time slip through your fingers.

I am here to help you become successful in all areas of your life to change your BLUEPRINT!

Love to you,


How many times have you came to this same place and it seems as if it will never end.,
Same road same people same path, yet you view it differently more and more each time. First you go through stage 1 What is happening? 2.How did I get here? 3. Absolutely do not like this space. 4. I feel as if if I hear this stuff again or I see this place again I will scream Those are the intergration of energy that is making it;s way into my system. I am searching fro an answer of the right "feeling" that belong to me. The feeling that is orginated from the place that is of heart center and not ego and not pressured by the self to make a choice. This is a normalality and it is here every time we finish up at a spot of energy that is leaving and New energy appearing.
This energy can be very hard to handle on the system at times. It can be very hard on many levels, all 4 levels to be exact.

You have worked at this times before only to be handed this one more time. This time it is really pulling at you for something "big" to change or evolve. Which term you would like to use is up to where you are. You can either way ignite this with more anger or you can throw yourself into a non-mind place. You can have fun and escape the brutal reality and allow this to be your outlet. You have nothing else you are able to do. This is how it will be and you will just have to work through this with an outlet of some sort or creativity. I am unable to hold everyones hand through this and walk you through this every time a brick comes crashing through your window,. This is not benefical for me or you. No one will benefit from that. When you find me at a distance for awhile it is for you to "do your own work" internal and shift your mind set.
Sometimes being straight and to the point it will allow you to work through this quicker, if you try to have someone else do this for you to give you energy to keep going this is not benefical for you in the long run I have been there too and it has not done my process any good to have another always be the guide.

much love,


This day is sunny with much to be thankful for. This one moment in time has erased much of the dark clouds that have set there sail near mine. What we perceive as good or not so good is not really even making any contact on our true and complete comprised opportunities.
You have a family, children and etc. and you need to create a safe haven for them to reside in and yet you find that what you appeared to need is not what they have needed at all. That is absolutely fine. You do not have to be for everyone what everyone needs. You have to be a complete individual with goals and happiness and desires to reach potential and make a change that is not just from the outside but the inner core. You need to settle down and evaluate what makes you happy? what makes you feel whole? and what is it that you feel scared of? Do not try to gain all of this in a single mouthful.
You have not chanced enough of the True meaning to who you evolved from. Things and material gains cannot be the only thing that keeps you locked into this place. You have more to life than a mere couple of hugs or a few dimes. Pure and simple truths that you face in the mirror can change the small yet simple truths within your own soul and your soul is yearning for freedom. Move on...
angel hugs
much love,


I invite you to my inner Sanctum. This is a place that lies within where you can be free to experience spiritual peace and solace.

My job is to assist you along in your journey and aspire you to move forward by providing you with transformational guidance to excel to new heights. I believe we have limitless possibilities and if you can believe it then we can achieve it…