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Spiritual Readings 10/2/2014


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

What an experience I had with Donna Carvalho! Such an awesome gifted being! She was 110% accurate on my situation and what has been my concerns with my health issues. I could of stayed on the phone with Donna all night. Could not give her enough stars! She is TRULY Amazing.

Spiritual Readings 10/2/2014


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have been waiting for quite sometime for Donna to come back on. I was referred to Donna from several different colleagues of mine who have spoken to her before. To say that I was blown away was a complete understatement! She not only answered my questions with complete accurate information she also helped me change my perception.She was honest and truthful and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but what she was getting from spirit.In this very present time I can still feel her pure blissful energy permeating all around me. Truly gifted with an exceptionally beautiful soul. Donna Carvalho is a remarkable healer!!!!!


- Donna has been telling me that a miracle would happen and not to give up hope..... and, as most humans do, after a while I had almost given up hope. And then that very miracle she predicted happened - something I almost thought wouldn't happen in this lifetime anymore, but it did! I am a complete believer in Donna, she has the most accurate time frames and predictions. When Donna says something - no matter how "hard" to believe, then it WILL happen. She is a gift from God! Thank you with all my heart.


- Donna is the best of the best of the best. I had a real awful week last week and feeling real unbalanced with work and love life. She was able to calm me and really help me see the light at the end of the tunnel. I believe so much in her and thank her for taking the time to help me this evening. Now I am ready for the rest of the week. Thanks so much.

- I spoke to Donna last Saturday night. She told me I would get a call either that night or the next day and that he would start coming around. I really didn't expect him to call but WOLLA! Sunday afternoon he called. he called a few times that week and Friday night came over! Sheesh! He called me twice already today. I am in shock. Nothing discussed about the relationship yet but Donna told me he was going to start stepping up to the plate, and that within the month it would be. She is unbelievable! am looking forward to all of this and getting my finances and school on track too! She is fabulous.

- I asked about an issue that has been going on for a few months, that need resolution. Donna nailed it without hesitation. Donna gives it all to you, her heart and her soul is wrapped in every reading. I hold her in high standards. You did it again for me! My life is going good now better than ever and Donna is the reason why. No lies, No false hopes, No fantasy building. Just honesty and she says the good and the bad delivers it with love. Bless you Angel.

- Donna is truly one of the best advisers, and believe me I've tried a lot! There are only a few that really stand out. I enjoy my conversations with her, she is very helpful, calm and friendly. She also put my mind at ease. I thank you very much Donna for you intuitive guidance. May God Bless and protect you Always.

- This is the best call I have ever had. There was so much information provided to me without my having to say much. She nailed the two men exactly. I am so impressed. This woman is truly gifted and has helped ease the confusion I was feeling. I am so thankful that I have found her today. I will continue to provide updates on my situation. Thanks so much.

- I am so very excited to have spoken with Donna. It was the right time to connect back with her. Nice working together to make my time here on earth the most productive and fruitful that its meant to be. Donna is a mirror for me and patiently reveals my weaknesses and strengths and shows me what my destiny is sub post to be. Not wanting to live life in the ordinary since to live life to its fullest. Having a Life Coach who knows what I can be and shows me the steps to take to get there gives me the encouragement to complete the tasks. She has been there for me so many times how do you say "Thank you" to someone that has gone the extra mile for you.

- Spoke with Donna on 3/2 and said i would hear from him in 8 well on the 10th I heard from him exactly 8 days after. She is the best! Always makes everything better! I feel so blessed to have her in my life! Thank you Donna!

- I can't be happier that Donna is back! I was only to speak with her a couple of times before she went on hiatus, but she was always accurate in what she picked up as far as the current situation, what happened in the past and the people in question. She has also always been 100% correct in her predictions for me too! Definitely speak to her if you haven't :)

- My call to Donna after not talking to her for months brought emotional tears to me as she gave me insights into my situation but mostly its her lving nature and something about her just makes you feel she will not steer you wrong. Although my situation is one I have to continue to be patient to see I am more willing and open to do that after speaking with Donna. She was so refreshing and breathtakingly beautiful in what she delivered to me...I have new found hope now!!!

- Donna, I am so glad you are back! Your reading was right on the money as usual and your support and guidance are most helpful. I think it's time for me to make some Big Girl moves that I know have been hindered by my own fears. Thank you for being there for me and letting me know you will continue to be as I take the next steps on my personal journey. I realize growing pains are necessary but it's nice to know you have support during those times. Much love, Amy

- It was so good to hear you again! Thank you for the packed insights that I was looking for, Donna is so crystal clear, love her! Thank you again so much, please I hope I will be able to contact you before that new job:) Donna is really a life coach, love her!


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